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Bahamas Marriage Requirements

What Brides & Grooms Should Know to Get Married in the Bahamas
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Bahamas Marriage Requirements

Hi I’m Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas wedding officiant at Bahamas Destination Wedding. With another spotlight on weddings in the Bahamas. Today we are talking about the Bahamas marriage requirements

With destination weddings in the Bahamas being so popular. It is important for brides and grooms to know what is required of them in order to have their wedding in the Bahamas.

The good news is that the Bahamas Marriage Requirements are not as stringent as other destination wedding locations. While the process is really simple and does not take a lot of time, there are some formalities that you must follow if you are intending to have your wedding in the Bahamas as your official wedding.

To get married in the Bahamas two thing are required:

1. Bahamas Marriage License and
2. Licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer.

One you have these two things then you are able to get married in the Bahamas.

So how do you get a marriage license? Well you must

1. Be in the Bahamas at least 24 hours before apply for your marriage license. Special provisions are made if you are on a cruise, as time spend in Bahamian waters helps to qualify your residency requirement.

2. Visit the Registrar General office in Nassau and Freeport or the Administrative office on the family Islands to apply for your marriage license. You and your partner must both be present when applying for your marriage license to be interviewed before your license is granted. No need to worry the interview is not a difficult one and you should do

3. Prove that you are who you say you are with an official passport issued by your country of residence or birth.

4. Prove that you eligibility to get married in the Bahamas by being age 18 and either single, divorced or widowed.

  • If you are single then you will need to swear an “affidavit of singlehood” before a Justice of the Peace in the Bahamas.
  • Divorced, then you will need to have the original copy of your “Divorce Decree Absolute.”
  • And if you are widowed then you will need the original copy of the death certificate of your deceased spouse.

5. Pay Fees. You will have to pay a marriage license fee of $100.00 and to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate it will cost you $20.00

Or Simply call me Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas wedding Officiant at 1-(242)-395-8495 and I will use our Priority Bahamas Marriage Application and Justice of the Peace Services to help you save time and money and once you have license our wedding officiant will also perform you wedding ceremony.

There you have it the Bahamas marriage requirements. Look forward to talking to you soon about weddings in the Bahamas.